Getting Ready To ReLaunch!!!

Hello everyone,
I just spent the last 3 hours going over the forum in the PUBLIC sections, and changing links from the .net that is going to expire in a week or so, to this:
Please, if you have ever bookmarked the .net address, replace it with this one, which is the subdomain and the actual forum address the platform serves.

I have not yet replaced the links that might still be going to the .net in the PRIVATE areas, so if you do join and enter that area, please note any .net links will expire in a week and need replacing. I will try to come back later and finish, but I really must get other things done before it gets much later today.

Please visit and join if you like now… I am aiming for a more social learning and sharing atmosphere this time around, rather than my original plan. Let’s all share and learn some great knowledge we can use to better our daily lives and the lives of those around us.

Any educators or influencers that would like a forum to teach in, please be aware, this is still an option I want to pursue. I obviously don’t know everything lol, and want anyone willing to share thier knowledge to help others,
to have a place to call “home”. If that is you, contact me at the forum.

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