Trunk Shows & Flea Markets Freebie

This is a little ebook I sold several years ago. It has sold many times, and I now gove it to you free. It has all the basics you should know to be successful at selling in flea markets, trunk shows, and even yard sales, depending on what you are selling, and the prices you wish to receive for your goods.
Published by Angela Hobbs
Written by Richard Dean
All you need to know to create a successful
garage sale and profit from your old unwanted items.
Original price: 2.99
Yours free
There is also a discussion on the subject of selling used goods in the forum.
Feel free to participate, or ask questions.
You can find the topic here:
 (NOTE: I am having to trade off the forum and the store I built a few days ago, for a better substitute. It is much bigger and I am working on it. I will repost the topic link when I have copied it over to the new forum)
yard sales flea markets sell vintage extra cash revenue household goods clothing toys how to manual successful


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